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so okay, I’m not normally super into fandoms of books. but there should be an Ancillary Justice fandom just so someone could write a pop star AU

She used to be part of a huge a capella group but now she’s just a solo artist? xP 

she now writes weird experimental stuff under the label Breq-away

… lol I dunno my fandom memories actually don’t involve many Stock Alternate Universe Tropes because I always just went NO BUT YOU’RE IGNORING THIS CHARACTER’S SOCIAL AND HISTORICAL CONTEXT!!!!!

but this is why we need a fandom, so someone who took more joy than teenage me did in silly tropes can write that story

I’m pretty much the same way most of the time xD I didn’t even realize this was a fandom trope, that’s how little I delve into AUs.

Breq-away though. Omg.  *laughing*

But Seivarden as loyal techie / stage hand / whatever you call the person who helps you haul stuff around for performances and dreams of singing with her someday even though Seivarden can’t sing anywhere near as good and can’t play any instruments and thinks really nevermind I just wanna follow her around forevz and help take care of all the boring tedious business stuff so she can just focus on making awesome (Weird) music. 


This just happened on Twitter. Get into it. <dramatic music> #wtnv #WelcometoNightVale


My exile is officially over. I’ve returned home. Or rather to what’s left of it…

I have this headcanon where after the Battle of Cardassia, the blue chufa makeup fell out of popularity- instead ashes were used to decorate for mourning…


All this star wars stuff I’m finding lately is making me emotional


Basically this is a 3am drawing ramble i did a while ago that i decided to throw some colour on. 

Dragons are the best though.

#is it intentional for them to look like john and sherlock #because that’s all I can see

saaaame xD

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This is Morgan. In June 2010 she was taken from the wild. She was extremely underweight and a Dutch marine park got a permit to rescue her on the condition she was released back into the ocean as soon as possible.

Morgan was not released. Instead she was put on show for the public only weeks after arriving to the marine park. Because she’s the only wild caught orca in the last 25 years she’s vital to the captive orca breeding program because of the increasing inbreeding that’s going on. 

Like most other captive orcas Morgan grinds her teeth on the edge of the tank because of stress, frustration and boredom.

Morgan is now captive at Loro Parque in Spain where she has to perform several shows on a daily basis. She is continually attacked, bullied and harassed by the other whales there. She is also subjected to excessive sexual pressure by the adult male who she is often locked into the same tank with. Morgan is only a pree-teen and not yet ready for mating or being pregnant. Yet nothing is done by Loro Parque or Seaworld (all orcas at Loro Parque belong to Seaworld) to stop the abuse. 

If you want to help Morgan please visit http://www.freemorgan.org/ and find out what you can do to help Morgan get back home to the ocean and her family in Norway. 

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Summer Berry & Almond Cheesecake Tart / Recipe

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this is true work of art

god damn it



this is true work of art

god damn it

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A masculine gay man who puts together a spy team to steal something

A lesbian who is a mathematical and scientific genius but often gets distracted by her love for science

Her bisexual girlfriend who goes along as the sole voice of reason

A pansexual guy in charge of…


friendly reminder that this scene was improvised

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